Mintare – 50 cL

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ABV: 15%

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Mintare gives you the Swedish winter in a bottle; cold but gentle and crisp at the same time. The freshness of peppermint in combination with a soft sweetness has been a classic Nordic taste for decades.

Mintare is made from pure grain alcohol (“vodka base”) and water mixed with all natural sugar and peppermint oil, without coloring agents or other unnecessary additives. Mintare is vegan friendly.

Mintare is certainly avant-garde since it has:

  • A lower sugar content
  • Reduced alcohol content (15% vol./30 proof)
  • A soft and balanced taste of peppermint
  • Light-weight glass bottle

During the harsh cold months of winter as well as under hot summer days, peppermint shots/liqueurs are certainly a popular choice and are great in combination with your beer or other favorite beverage.

Mintare is preferably enjoyed chilled as a pleasant and fresh shot, on the rocks, or as a drink base. Try it with hot cocoa and you will be amazed!