Arouz – Salty Licorize – 50 cL

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ABV = 30%

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Arouz is our way of spelling the word “arouse”. A really tasteful and exclusive shot that gives the party a kick start. Arouz The Caffeine Shot was created back in 2010 with the brilliant idea of combining a shot with invigorating caffeine. One shot (4 cl) contains about as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee.

To create Arouz Salty Licorice, the finest alcohol from grain (“vodka base”) and purified water is mixed with licorice powder from the licorice root, cane sugar, salmiac powder and finally infused with natural pure caffeine extracted from coffee.

Arouz Salty Licorice is 30% vol./60 proof and has an elegant taste of salty licorice with a balanced sweetness.

Arouz is to be enjoyed as an ice cold shot, on the rocks or to sip on as a delicious after dinner digestif/avec.

Cocktail tip: Arouz Salty Licorice + raspberry soda + ice cubes=Goooood.