Apocalyptica Coffee – Vol 3 – 250g

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Apocalyptica Vol 3. Christmas Edition is a rich full bodied Monsooned Malaber. We have roasted this coffee very, very dark on request of the band.

This coffee is a single origin coffee with beans from multiple farms. The taste profile is earthy with hint of spices typical of Monsooned Malabar. THe low acidity makes this coffee very easy to drink.

Apocalyptican Vol. 3 Christmas edition is delivered in brown kraft paper bag with an official label designed by artist Rami Mursula. 1 kg bag is also available!

What is Monsooned Malabar?
It’s the name of a way to process coffee beans in india. It dates back to British colonial times (as so often with coffee) when coffee was exported from India to Europe. The humidity of monsoon winds and rain caused the beans to ripe during the long voyage. This resulted in less acidic coffee with a peculiar taste profile. The modern Monsooned Malabar process imitates this effect.