Apocalyptica Coffee – Vol 2 – 250g

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This is the second coming of Apocalyptica Coffee. Their new single I’ll Get Through It has just been released and with it comes the launching of the new coffee!

The band chose a combination of our Blend No4 and 50/60 to be their second own coffee. And the decision was made again naturally by tasting. In their opinion this was the coffee that best expressed the darker side of Apocalyptica in coffee form.

Apocalyptica coffee vol. 2 is delivered in a brown craft paper bag with the band’s official label.

In this coffee the smooth richness of Blend No4 is combined with the robusta kick of Fifty-Sixty. This too goes nicely in a latte as well as straight up as a strong shot like a digestive, but also nicely as filter coffee especially with a bit of milk.