The Pogues – Cinnamon Irish Whiskey Liqueur – 70 cL

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Punk rock with politically tinged lyrics , a touch of romance and traditional Irish instruments helped the Irish band The Pogues to become famous around the world.
“I am going where streams of whiskey are flowing”, sang the band around Shane MacGowan.
And followed their love of whiskey with deeds: together with the South Irish West Cork Distillery, they created the official “The Pogues Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey”.
It is just as Irish an original as its namesake: made from grain and spring water from the Emerald Isle, triple distilled and bottled in small batches.
In addition to the award-winning, malty-spicy blend of 50% malt and 50% grain whiskey, “The Pogues Single Malt Irish Whiskey” is part of the range.
With caramel frosting edgy and chocolate-covered peanuts, cinnamon and marshmallows, the single malt has character – just like the band itself.
In combination with cinnamon spice, “The Pogues Cinnamon Irish Whiskey Liqueur” is created from the soft single malt. Sweet and creamy with malt, vanilla and a fiery cinnamon finish.