Bob Dylan – Heaven’s Door – Tennessee Bourbon – 70cl

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ABV 50%

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“We wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story.” – Bob Dylan

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon is a whiskey that falls within the whiskey group under the category Bourbon.
This whiskey is matured in American Oak barrels. It is a version of 70 cl and has an alcohol content of 42%.

With a no-age-statement whiskey, no age is indicated on the bottle. Often producers choose not to disclose age when an older whiskey is supplemented by younger ones. After all, according to the rules, the age must always be the youngest whiskey in the blend, which is not desirable when the bulk in the blend is older (and therefore more valuable). Conversely, one can also choose not to mention age, when predominantly young whiskey is diluted with a small amount of (very) old whiskey. In that case, the product is often marketed at a higher price, and to justify that high(er) price, a choice is made not to mention an age (which would otherwise be the youngest in the blend).

There are noticeable woody, spicy, and also fruity hints, but these flavours are subtle. They add extra character and depth to this drink, without really pushing it in any particular direction.

Based on this profile, you can conclude that this whiskey has a rather mild character, without any extremes.