ACDC – Tequila Blanco – 70 cL

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AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila Blanco – named after the legendary song from the 90s

AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila Blanco is named after the legendary AC/ DC song from the 90s. The Blanco Tequila is one of two special editions with the title of the famous rock band. You can also buy his big brother, the AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila Reposado, from us.


This Tequila Blanco is traditionally produced in Mexico. The blue weaver agaves are harvested in Jalisco, and their hearts are cooked until the fruity aromatic agaves juice can be pressed. With the distillation the juice turns into a wonderfully soft and mild distillate, which is then bottled to 40% drinking strength.


The taste of AC/DC Tequila is convincing with fruity notes and a hint of vegetables. Authentic and expressive, it comes with an alcoholic bite and a slight sweetness – a delicious Tequila that you should not miss.

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