Wacken Brewery – TYR – 33 cL

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Tyr belongs to the Æsir and is the god of battle, war and victory. As the Edda tells us, his courage is unmatched. In order to fetter the dangerous wolf Fenrir, Tyr places his right hand in the beast’s muzzle as a pledge. When Fenrir realizes that the gods want to bind him, he bites Tyr’s hand off without hesitation. Henceforth, the war god wields his sword with his left hand. During Ragnarök, he kills the hellhound Garm with his sword, but eventually also dies in the process.

This beer is just like the mighty god of combat: simply powerful. Large proportions of barley malt provide for a sweetish, quaffable body, which in turn is tamed by large quantities of the finest hops, keeping the sweetness in check. But the delicate notes that come from dry-hopping are ultimately what captures the taste buds on the tongue and palate. Powerfully fresh, fruity-flowery and woody-minty aromas are truly fighting hard for taste supremacy. Enjoy with delight among your friends, but steer clear of wolves and avoid the Ragnarök!