Surtr – 33 cL

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ABV: 6,2 %

Dark, Fruity beer

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The fire giant Surtr the Black, ruler over the realm of Muspelheim, is a truly vicious fellow and the Norse gods’ nemesis. During Ragnarök, with his flaming sword Surtalogi, he destroys Bifröst, the rainbow bridge connecting Midgard, the world of men, to Asgard, the world of the gods. With the same sword, he also kills the unarmed Freyr and finally triggers off the world’s inferno by hurling fire to the four winds.

Deep blackness, fire and smoke – you’ll find them all in this Smoked Porter. It offers a quite complex, yet well-balanced taste experience, combining roast and coffee aromas with hints of bittersweet chocolate and dried fruits. All these flavour nuances are underlined by a subtle smoky background note.

Drink in moderation! Overindulgence may lead to the world’s inferno!

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6,2 %


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