My Dying Bride – Old Earth Lager – 44 cL

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Blond Lager Beer

ABV: 4.5%

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Inspired by the dark, foreboding hills of a weather-torn Yorkshire, Darkland Brewery and My Dying Bride have come together to channel the knowledge of silver streams and ancient rocks into one, spectacular lager – Old Earth.

A classic Vienna lager, Old Earth is a bright amber pour with clean, crisp flavours that culminate in a perfectly bittered mouthful. Malted undertones are complemented by a gentle, almost strawberry-like flavour that fades away to let the hallmark sharpness shine.

Nose: – clean, toast, bread, gentle floral, lightly spiced hops

Mouthfeel: – smooth, creamy, light/persistent carbonation

Palate: – Malt bitter light sweet floral strawbs and fresh fruit clean lager

Appearance: – Light, bright amber

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4,5 %


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