Kataklysm Beer – 33 cL

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Blond beer

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St. Tabarnak is the result of the collaboration between Brewery Eutropius and the Canadian death metal formation Kataklysm.

Tabarnak – derivative sland of the holy word “Tabernacle” from the Catholic Church – is commonly used as a swear word by French-speaking Quebecers.
The word is used as an interjection to express the intensity of an emotion – most commonly anger or astonishment – but can also take shape as a noun.

The St. Tabarnak is a fine blonde Belgian beer with a divin taste which should satisfy even the finest palates. It will tickle your taste buds with its sweet coriander aromas.

Thou shalt honour thy beer by drinking it to its last drop – and for the love of God – when your bottle will be empty – order another St. Tabarnak!

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6,66 %


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