Gageleer Original – 33 cL

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ABV: 7,5 %

Blond beer

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Gageleer Original is a golden colored beer that forms a perfectly beautiful white foam collar in a gageleer glass.

It is brewed with honest organic ingredients: the finest barley malt, partly from local Campine organic farmers, and bog myrtle from De Liereman (a nature preserve in the Campine village of Oud‐Turnhout), without additives or preservatives.

Bog myrtle is a low shrub that is found in acidic swamps. The plant’s aromatic leaves and little flowers were used in the Middle Ages as a main ingredient for gruit, the former taste and preserve ingredient. This old recipe was brought back to life in Gageleer. The beer isn’t pasteurized and that’s why it is so pure and natural. Gageleer undergoes a secondary fermentation and a long maturation in the bottle, giving him his distinctive taste. There is a delightful balance between the malty, the sweet, fruity and a spicy aroma and a subtle bitterness. The taste of the bog myrtle is typical and unique: spicy with a taste of pepper and eucalyptus. It is a refreshing but strong beer, because of its alcohol percentage of 7,5%.

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7,5 %


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