Behemoth ‘Heretika’ roasted coffee grains – 1000g

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Behemoth ‘Heretika’ roasted coffee grains 1000g


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Behemoth ‘Heretika’ roasted coffee grains 1000g

A fine balanced blend of 100% Arabica coffee grains from Papua New Guinea and Brazil. The coffee mixes flavours characteristic for various cultural areas, becoming an extraordinary mixture of impression and taste.
Citrus, chocolate and amaretto notes (this is not a flavoured coffee!) make the taste of this coffee absolutely unique.

Origin: Papua New Guinea, Brazil
Flavour: chocolate sweetness, refreshing bitterness and acridity of walnut, very high body
Acidity: mid-high
Notes: citrus, chocolate, amaretto
Recommended for: espresso, milk based coffees
Brew in: automatic coffee machine, espresso machine

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