Wacken – Freya – 33 cL


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ABV: 6,3 %

Amber, stout beer

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Freya (or Freyja) is the result of the union between Njord, god of the sea, and Skadi, goddess of hunt and winter. Sometimes said to be the leader of the Valkyries, she is the goddess of fortune, love, fertility and spring.

After a long winter, the world awakens back to life, snow and ice surrender to the power of the reborn light and Mother Nature stretches her still-numb limbs. Now what could possibly reinvigorate us more than a delicious, strong beverage? This Frühlingsbock will fuel your anticipation of summer.

This beer is pale in colour and tangy. It is powerful but not too strong, quaff-able but not too sweet, fruity-hoppy but not too bitter. Freya will quench your thirst in the heat and warm you on those still chilly spring days.

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6,3 %


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