Wacken – Crafty Loki – 33 cL

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ABV: 5,7 %

Blond, fruity ale beer

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Loki is the name of the cunning god who quite often stirs up trouble in the Norse pantheon. He is the most complex Æsir – an ingenious, at times amiable trickster who helps the gods as much as he plays dirty tricks on them.

This beer reminds of Loki, as it is just as multifaceted:
The round malt body gives this brew its quaffability. The hop varieties used in this recipe not only provide a fresh base bitterness, but also make for a powerful, fruity-flowery taste experience. In order to preserve its full aromatic richness, the beer is left natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

And because it tastes so good, you may happen to have one too many. Then, the intense Crafty Loki will show its cunning side, so be crafty and drink in moderation!

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5,7 %


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