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ABV: 5,5 %

Blond beer

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Everybody loves Baldur (also Baldr), the charming, handsome, well-behaved son of Odin and Frigg. He is said to be invulnerable, as Frigg made every living thing vow never to harm him. But Loki knows that she forgot to make the mistletoe promise. He tricks the blind god Hödr into throwing a branch of mistletoe at Baldur, who thus unwittingly gets killed by his own brother. The pain in Asgard is infinite. The gods try by all possible means to get Baldur back from Hel’s land of the dead, alas, in vain.

Baldur symbolically stands for summer, light, warmth and lust for life. His death heralds the coming winter. But Baldur’s return at the end of Ragnarök is certain.

This Maerzen is dedicated to Baldur, the god of light. It is a palatable homage to summer, light and joie de vivre. It was hopped with Pekko only, a complex, aromatic hop named after the Finnish god of fertility.

Skál og Kippes!

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5,5 %


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